Sophia - Small Sofa

  • Sophia is a classic English design, but brought up to date with some subtle modern features. The classic elements of hand-pleated arms and the delicately curved underside of the outside arms are unchanged, but the modern-day makeover is completed with generous and plump Quallofil Fusion blown fibre cushions and contemporary turned oak legs with silver castors.

    Main image shown in Plush Velvet Brinjal fabric

    *Note: Due to variations in computer screens, we cannot guarantee that colours shown here are truly representative. Prior to purchasing we recommend that you order a FREE fabric sample through the fabrics page.

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  • Length: 160cm
    Depth: 102cm
    Height: 85cm
  • Chambray
    Key Largo
    Plush Velvet
    • Handmade in Long Eaton, the UK Centre for quality upholstery manufacturing
    • Hand-built kiln-dried Birch hardwood frame with glued, screwed and dowelled joints
    • High-gauge tempered steel ‘no sag’ seat springs
    • Frame and springs with a 15 year construction guarantee
    • Super comfy Quallofil Fusion seat and back cushion fillings with a 5 year guarantee
    • Natural oak turned legs with silver castors to front legs
    • Available in 100 different fabrics
    • Available in three sofa sizes, as a Snuggler Chair, or as an Armchair
McKenzie Oyster
McKenzie Wicker
Enigma Champagne
Enigma Humus
PlushVelvet Taupe
Rouen Flax
Rouen Oyster
Chambray Mushroom
Chambray Oyster
Dolly Truffle
Dolly Wisp
Keylargo Almond
Keylargo Linen
McKenzie Chrome
McKenzie Iron
Enigma Smoke
Enigma Titanium
PlushVelvet Silver
PlushVelvet Slate
Rouen Ash
Rouen Marble
Chambray Grey
Chambray Steel
Dolly Chrome
Dolly Wolf
Keylargo Silver
Keylargo Zinc
Enigma Driftwood
Enigma Mink
PlushVelvet Bark
PlushVelvet Mole
Rouen Bark
Rouen Flint
Chambray Tussok
Dolly Flint
Dolly Linen
Keylargo Pebble
Keylargo Pummice
McKenzie Ebony
Enigma Black
PlushVelvet Jet
Rouen Slate
Dolly Ebony
Keylargo Slate
McKenzie Sage
Enigma Apple
Enigma Sage
PlushVelvet Aqua
PlushVelvet Mallard
Rouen Citrus
Rouen Mallard
Chambray Apple
Chambray Bayleaf
Dolly Citron
Keylargo Wasabi
McKenzie Lambs Wool
PlushVelvet Turmeric
Rouen Gold
Chambray Butter
Keylargo Marigold
McKenzie Lava
Enigma Rust
PlushVelvet Paprika
Rouen Burnt
Chambray Rust
Dolly Flame
Keylargo Paprika
PlushVelvet Peony
Rouen Fuchsia
Chambray Dusk
Chambray Pink
Dolly Cerise
McKenzie Raspberry
Enigma Lipstick
PlushVelvet Shiraz
Rouen Red
Chambray Red
Dolly Poppy
Keylargo Cherry
McKenzie Aubergine
McKenzie Heather
McKenzie Plum
Enigma Musk
Enigma Shiraz
PlushVelvet Brinjal
Chambray Lavender
McKenzie Navy
Enigma Denim
Enigma Steel Blue
PlushVelvet Indigo
PlushVelvet Teal
Rouen Royal
Rouen Seaspray
Chambray Denim
Chambray Indigo
Dolly Denim
Dolly Dew
Keylargo Aqua
Keylargo Atlantic
Keylargo Navy

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