Plush Velvet

We searched far and wide to find a practical velvet to withstand the demands of modern family life. We found it in Plush, which has a luxurious soft touch but is extremely durable and does not suffer from pressure marking which are usually a characteristic of velvet fabrics. Available in 15 wonderful shades ranging from classic neutrals to bold modern colours.

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100% Polyester


100,000 rubs

PlushVelvet Taupe
PlushVelvet Silver
PlushVelvet Slate
PlushVelvet Bark
PlushVelvet Mole
PlushVelvet Jet
PlushVelvet Aqua
PlushVelvet Mallard
PlushVelvet Turmeric
PlushVelvet Paprika
PlushVelvet Peony
PlushVelvet Shiraz
PlushVelvet Brinjal
PlushVelvet Indigo
PlushVelvet Teal

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